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    • WHO THIS IS FOR Women who are ready for breakthrough. This incredible community is going to welcome you with open arms and cheer you on in this race called life.


      • Sign up and you’ll instantly be re-directed to the Facebook group so you can request membership.

      • Make sure to turn your settings on to receive notifications from the group. Here’s a tip: I do NOT have my phone set to receive notifications from FB. If I did, it would ding all day long. Still, I do have my FB settings send me notifications for certain people/ groups. This ensures that when I DO look at my phone, those notifications are waiting for me and I stay up to date with the people/groups that I care about most.

      • Be prepared to introduce yourself to everyone in the group. Official start date - 9/1

      • Get ready to share your favorite healthy recipes, fitness tips, motivational quotes, or anything else that really lights a motivational fire in you. Then, receive from what others are sharing as well.

      • Units will be created and posted in the group so be sure to check those out for tips on nutrition (even if you’re on a special diet), mindset, movement, and more!

    • WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT IN THE GROUP Kindness, compassion, camaraderie. When I create a community I want it to be a safe space for women to grow and learn without fear of criticism or condemnation. I expect every member to treat others as they would like to be treated - with dignity, respect, and honor. When you join one of my groups you can rest assured that you’re going to be surrounded with the kind of women you’ve always wanted to be best friends with. This is going to be a space where we champion one another, and, it’s going to be fun!

    • WHY I’M ASKING YOU TO SIGN UP BY EMAIL Let’s face it, Facebook plays by its own rules. Sometimes it shows you things you want to see, sometimes it doesn’t. I’d hate for you to miss anything. When you sign up this way you’ll instantly receive a link to request membership in the Facebook group. After that, you’ll get a friendly e-mail from me once per week to make sure we’re still connected and you’re not missing out on anything. Once the 30 day challenge is over feel free to unsubscribe or keep getting weekly emails with more free and fun stuff. It’s totally up to you!

      meet the founder

      Hi, I’m Dafne, and I can’t wait to “meet” you! I created this community after a challenging conversation with God. He encouraged me to “plant the seeds” He’s given me so the fruits of what I’ve experienced in my own life could multiply by expanding into the lives of others.
      Some “fruit” I’m passionate about seeing multiplied in your life:

      - physical healing I’ve been healed of rheumatoid arthritis.
      - a thriving marriage I’ve been happily married 20 years.
      - financial freedom We annihilated almost $200k of debt in 4 yrs AFTER losing $100k/yr of our income.
      - dreams realized God puts dreams in our hearts. We take action to see them become reality.
      - radical joy in every situation and season of life. Multiple autoimmune diagnoses, tragic loss of a parent, severe financial distress and so many other life trials can’t keep us from laughing because through it all, God is good.

      I know I can serve you well because:
      - I’ve spent 25 years studying God’s word and getting to know His character.
      - I’ve dedicated thousands of hours in the last 15 years to learning and applying prayerful and practical principles for supernatural healing of the mind and body.
      - I’m a Board Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.
      - I seek God daily to develop and nurture the gifts and wisdom He’s given me so I can pour those out on you.

      This little corner of the online world is a place where you’ll be blessed beyond imagination. I’m excited to have you and honored to serve you. Welcome to my community!

      “Beloved friend, I pray that you are prospering in every way and that you continually enjoy good health, just as your soul is prospering.”
      3 John 1:2